Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Fountain Of Youth - Part1

The formula is no longer new, but now, after many years of use throughout 70 progressive countries around the world, with no known side-effects it is available in this country. Undoubtedly the value of GH3 treatment could change the face of the "Bad Health Industry" to the benefit of the patient but not to those who currently regard every sick person as a walking wallet.

According to European researchers, principally Romanian gerontologists, GH3 treats a number of afflictions usually associated with ageing- arthritis, migraine, abnormal blood pressure(up or down), peptic ulcers, acne, Parkinson's Disease, Hodgkinsons Disease, athersclerosis, sickle cell anaemia, hypoglycemia, senility, poor hearing, poor eyesight, failing memory, muscle fatigue, bad circulation, heart disease, angina, pectoris, impotence, varicose veins, greying hair, wrinkles, oedema and excessive cholesterol. GH3 is non-addictive, has no known side-effects and can be taken in tablet form. A face cream is also available. Advocates of this product, which has been extensively tested abroad, do not argue that it stops ageing, only that it slows ageing down. GH3 is purported to add functional life, not life itself. This distinction tends to blur when disease is banished. Those people whom I mentioned earlier, yes the people with the endless money supply, visited Romania and returned home with supplies.

Exactly what is this controversial product? How was it tested and does it actually work? GH3 has suggestive chemical credentials. It is a synthetic compound of a paraaminobenz acid and diethylaminoethanol, two substances found naturally in the body. Para-aminobenzoic acid is crucial to the body's production of folic acid and vitamin K and B (Thiamine). Dr. Robert Atkins recommended Para-aminobenzoic Acid in Dr. Atkins Superenergy diet. "Whenever a patient does not achieve superenergy", he commented, "the addition most likely to wipe out fatigue is Para-aminobenzoic acid." According to several studies dating back to almost 40 years, Para-aminobenzoic acid restores grey hair to its natural colour. DEAE is a precursor of both choline and acetylcholine, which are needed for a variety of biochemical reactions in the liver, brain and nerve synapses. GH3 breaks down into these twin components as it is absorbed by the body. Even so, the combination works mysteriously in ways that the single substances do not. Taken alone, neither PABA nor DEAE perform miracles.