Friday, February 10, 2006

What an 85 year old lady says about GH3

"I have been taking Aslan Super for the past 18 months and can only describe them as marvellous. How at the age of 85 my hair is beginning to thicken up and regain its fair colouring. My hairdresser remarked 6 months ago that if she didn't think it was impossible, she would say my hair had changed texture & become stronger - so it had.

I am feeling 20 years than my actual age and am able to enjoy life in its entirety. This I put down to the benefits I derive from the tablets. I hope to be able to continue with them all my life. yours in all truth."

(Mrs Molly S. Cheltenham Gloucestershire.)

What a UK doctor says about GH3

"I am a consultant in the National Health Service, currently practising in Hampshire. I have recommended Aslan Super to various adult patients, colleagues and friends, as well as taking product self. Ignoring the wealth of research material available, I myself have observed what I believe to be major improvements in arthritic and other physically degenerative problems, and possibly even more significantly, in depressive syndromes. I am aware that Aslan Super is a MAO ( mono-amino oxidase ) inhibitor, and as such gradually allows the body to produce some MAO after a period, unlike all other MAO blockers used in treating depression which have inherent side-effects, My own observations lead me to believe that Aslan Super has no side-effects. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to the public generally!"

(Dr. J. MB., Ch.B Hampshire)