Tuesday, January 31, 2006

GH3 - Gerovital the wonder supplement

In 1905, a German medical research doctor called Einhorn, fused two elements, drawn in part from the 'B' vitaminic complex; Para aminobenzonic acid and diethylaminoethanol (PABA and DEAE). Then in 1948 in Eastern Europe, it was realised how this could be utilised to help promote better health. Initially it was injected to alleviate suffering amongst arthritic patients, but gradually those same patients began to exhibit greater activity, and stated that they were beginning to feel younger as well as healthier. This entirely unexpected bonus was then subjected to thorough medical research programmes.

Double-blind trials were conducted over a period of two years, using 144 clinics and over 400 doctors. The results were presented to the Gerontological Congress in Karlsruhe, and Prof Aslan received a standing ovation for her work in the Field. Patients improved in a variety of conditions, including a marked increase in immunity to Asian influenza, which was ravaging Europe at the time.

The results prompted a great deal of research in the U.S.A. and elsewhere. In Eastern Europe, treatment continued to be administered mainly by injections, but in the west, an effective tablet form was preferred and perfected using the highest grade clinical materials.
The tablet form has now received approval from the Medicines Control Agency in the UK, to be marketed as a supplement.

GH3 is being supplied in U.K., Ireland and Switzerland as well as receiving individual orders from many other countries in the world.

Its main application by users and doctors appears to be in cases of low energy level arthritis, abnormal blood pressure, depression ( as a mono-amino oxidase reversible inhibitor), and in the raising of immune levels generally.

With a finely balanced acidulous pH value of 3.5, it should be taken on an empty stomach, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. For ease it is normally taken first thing on waking, then no food or drink except water for at least one hour afterwards. There are no adverse side effects, and it in no way precludes other medication being taken later on in the day.