Monday, February 20, 2006

Search is on for Bird Flu victims

Indian officials have been searching door-to-door for people with flu-like symptoms in the western town where the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain was found.
Navapur town in Maharashtra state is the first place in India where the H5N1 strain has been identified.

Officials in the state say more than 500,000 birds have been slaughtered.

Poultry markets are badly affected with restaurants in the state capital, Bombay (Mumbai) reporting drops in demand for chicken and egg.
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Gerovital-H3 as an anti-depressant

As people grow old, the brain undergoes macroscopic, microscopic, biochemical and electrophisiological changes. The number of neurons (nervous cells) decrease, dendridic changes occur (the link among cells), as well as neurofibrillas and plates (described by Marinescu and Block) appear in the nervous cells.

Gerovital-H3 has a certified antidepressive effect, especially in light and moderate depressive syndrome, thanks to its MAO-inhibitory effect. The antidepressive effect of Gerovital-H3 as well as the lack of any side effects can be accounted on the fact that it is a reversible and competitive-MAO inhibitor.

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"More likely" that avian flu will reach Britain, as it is put on high alert

Britain is on a high alert over the possible spread of avian flu, as tests continue on a number of birds found dead in recent days.

Following the confirmation that a duck which died of bird flu in France was infected with the lethal H5N1 strain of the virus, the Government said it was "more likely" the disease would reach Britain.
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