Sunday, February 12, 2006

What a US company president says about Gerovital GH3

"When first introduced to GH3, I was very sceptical as I have used other products before, and all have failed. After a person gets "burned" a few times, one just gives up. In meeting with you and your staff, my sixth sense was activated by the strength of your confidence in the product , and purchased a 3 month trial to test on my mother who has a severe case of Arthritis in her hands, and for myself for undue stress placed upon me as President of a corporation.

It was less than a week, when my mother informed me that not only has the pain left her hands, but she can now thread a needle and knot it. My mother is 84 and she has not threaded or knotted a needle for the past 8 years. She has stopped taking Tynol, Ben Gay and Heat, as she does not need them any longer. She also say's that she can even walk better, and I have been a witness to all improvements. Also the ringing in her ears have also reduced.

My experiences have been astronomical, as I am more cool headed, my memory has improved, and I feel better, quite better than ever before. The best is, I have had an ear infection for the past 6 months, and have seen 3 different physicians. Wearing an hearing aid was said to have caused some of the problems. I have been on numerous drugs, prescribed by each physicians, and have spent well in excess of $500 for office visits and drugs, and the problem remained since last week. Each can be verified by receipts and empty drug bottles. When GH3 arrived in December, I took 2 pills a day for about 2 weeks and felt improvements, but had to stop as new drugs were issued to me by my physician. My ear was draining constantly. I carried cotton swabs with me in my suit coat so as to wipe the liquids that drained from the ear.

Attending meeting, talking on the telephone and persuing my selling career was a great hardship on me, as the liquids draining would wipe out the sounds of the person I was talking to. Two weeks ago, after leaving the doctors office with a new prescription, I decided to put GH3 to work, as I have tried everything else and with no profound results. I took two tablets instead of one each time. The second day, my ear has stopped draining and the fullness around the ear lobe has left. The sounds of peoples voices are no longer muffled, and I can speak on the phone quite easily. I carry no more cotton swabs. I can't believe it, yet I am a walking specimen of what GH3 has done for me. I am more than happy with the results of GH3 and each day, I find new improvements taking place."

(G.M. Kansas City, USA)